March 2015 – October 2016


My Role

User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Mobile App Design
Service Design



Design Goals
Customer Feedback Synthesis
Interactive Prototypes
Stakeholder Interviews
Usability Test Scripts


Guided Storytelling
Think Alouds
Usability Testing
Stakeholder Interview
Heuristic Evaluation
User Journey Mapping
Adobe Illustrator



Due to the proprietary nature of my work at Conductor, I cannot discuss my projects fully in detail. If you would like more information, please visit conductor.com or contact me.

About Conductor


Conductor is a content intelligence platform that works with leading brands to measure and improve their SEO and content marketing efforts. 

Companies like Dell, Citi, and Birchbox use Conductor's search intent data and insights to proactively identify the needs of their customers. 

With this information, Conductor's clients create compelling content that puts them a step ahead of their competition and gets them found organically online.

The Customer Challenge

In today's world, buyers have choice. Choice to navigate their buying process themselves. Choice to educate themselves with content from all across the web so they can make the most informed buying decision process possible, often before they even think of coming to businesses' websites. People don't wake up and come to marketers anymore.

At Conductor, we targeted 2 primary user groups: search marketing team members, marketing executives. The following are their respective challenges.

Search Marketing Team Members

To identify search marketing insights and opportunities to guide the overall digital marketing strategy within the greater organization.

Marketing Executives

To deliver the best marketing outcomes (conversions) while minimizing costs and maximizing brand loyalty

My Contributions

I joined Conductor as a member of a maturing 3-person UX design team that was tasked with paying off a great amount of design debt and creating a great user experience to increase product adoption, engagement, and retention. As a team, we built and maintained a reusable UI library that:

  1. Improved the usability (users often cited "improved UI and user experience" as a top reason for re-engaging with Conductor)
  2. Drives down development time and effort (and therefore costs).

During my tenure, I've had the pleasure of working with 3 different agile development teams and 2 product managers, often simultaneously, to oversee the successful implementation of many features, products, and enhancements. Below are 3 of them, all major features within Conductor Searchlight, that I owned.

Searchlight Insight Stream

The Insight Stream is the reimagined Searchlight landing experience. A nominee for the 2017 Drum Search Awards for Best Technical Innovation, the Insight Stream is a customizable live news feed of insights of marketers' search data so they can focus on what’s important without wasting time and effort digging through mountains of data throughout the many Searchlight reports. Insight Stream is designed increase clickthrough and engagement throughout all of Searchlight (especially the lower performing but still valuable reports) by serving as a marketing workflow launch point for marketers. 

I owned and lead the user experience on from conception to development in collaboration with 1 product manager and a remote software engineering team. With the landing experience being such a major part of the product, this project a mission critical one that I worked closely with executive team members and other co-founders throughout the project lifecycle.

The Insight Stream is also a major part of the Conductor mobile app experience, in conjunction with the Voice of Customer (formerly known as Audience Intent Explorer), as seen further below.

Audience Intent Explorer

The first iteration of Audience Intent Explorer, a brand new feature, was featured as a part of the keynote presentation at C3 2015. It's a tool designed to help content marketers to easily find the diamond-in-the-rough topic ideas based on how online searchers are searching for a particular topic. An immediate hit with Conductor's customer base, it is one of the most highly used feature within Searchlight today. 

I owned and led the UX efforts midway through concept design to development to maintenance to further enhancements. I collaborated with the Director of Product Manager and a software engineering team of 5 to deliver Audience Intent Explorer.

Conductor Mobile App

The Conductor mobile app was a core part of our initiative to best cater to the contextualized use cases of our customers and target users. With people on the go as much as ever, we wanted to deliver a dedicated mobile experience to marketers and especially marketing executives. Leveraging the actionable and easily digestible Insight Stream and now the content brainstorming tool that is Voice of Customer (AKA Audience Intent Explorer), the Mobile app better supports the creative and often spontaneous workflow of a content marketer.

I owned and led the UX and visual design from conception to the early stages of development before departing Conductor. I collaborated with a product manager, executive team members, and a remote software engineering team to design and kick off the development of the app.